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Ballot Questions

In the 2012 General Election, Howard County citizens vote on five local and seven state questions. The text of the questions, along with detailed information on the origin, present practice, proposed change, pros, cons, and what a yes or no vote means can be found at, in our printed Voters Guide, and following the links below.

Additionally, the League of Women Voters of Howard County hosted a public forum on the questions, featuring debates on many of the issues.

Howard County Questions

A. Public Access To County Records

B. Grant Funds

C. Referendum Signatures – Minimum Required

D. Notices And Advertisements Also To Be Provided Electronically

E. Technical Corrections

Maryland Questions

1. Qualifications Prince George’s Orphans’ Court Judges

2. Qualifications Baltimore County Orphans’ Court Judges

3. Suspension And Removal Of Elected Officials

4. Public Institutions Of Higher Education – Tuition Rates

5. Congressional Districting Plan

6. Civil Marriage Protection Act

7. Gaming Expansion